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Salix Animal Health is committed to providing premium products which are formulated from choice ingredients and processed under strict, food-grade guidelines. We developed the HEALTHY-HIDE® & Digest-eezeTM brands with our commitment to excellence in mind: it's the brand you can trust for the highest quality products that your dog will enjoy.


Your canine companion is your best friend. That's why no ordinary dog treat will do. In work and in play, they deserve the best quality chew that entertains, rewards and nourishes them for a lifetime.

Salix Animal Health has made this our mission for more than 25 years. We formulate and manufacture our special beefhide chews in eight international food-grade facilities, earning us the highest quality certifications in the industry worldwide.

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Salix beefhide chews are produced with love and care from start to finish. Each premium beefhide treat is made from the finest beefhide, from free-range, open pasture cattle.

Manufacturing of Salix Chews are supervised by a skilled staff of professional researchers and production technicians, who ensure that the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art technology combine for the most delicious chew. And that's something you and your pet can feel great about!


Salix Animal Health is committed to satisfying man's best friend's cravings with Beefhide Chews that are 100% wholesome and delicious. If a rawhide is good enough to carry our name, you can be assured it is worthy of your trust and your pet's enjoyment.

Dogs crave variety and flavor, and we indulge them by using only real beef, pork, chicken, liver, and cheese - served in a variety of irresistible choices. We then add nutritional supplements, such as Omega Fatty Acids and other proprietary ingredients, to promote your friend's skin, coat and dental health.


Scientifically-proven goodness - that's the secret behind delivering the most appetizing rawhide chew for your special friend. We care for your dog's health and well-being. That's why we pride ourselves on being the first to develop enzyme-treated rawhide that digests 60% faster.

How do we know your pet will love it? Our products have been dog approved and done immensely well in taste test after taste test. We're constantly breeding new ways to expand our product lineup, so you, and your friend, have more choices that nurture, satisfy and appeal for years to come.

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